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All services begin with a free, 20-minute consultation.

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Editorial Consultation — $185

A 50-minute editorial consultation is a great choice for those who wish to dust off an old project but don’t know where to dive in, or are feeling blocked on a particular piece. An editorial consultation is also perfect for those who don’t yet have a manuscript ready for editing, but could use some advice on how to convert an idea into a book.

Editorial Consultation with Ten-Page Review — $255

Everything you receive in an editorial consultation, plus a ten-page review on material submitted ahead of time. This is a perfect way to get a sense of how Elizabeth will approach your work.

The Macro Edit — $.04-$.06/word*

The macro edit provides the writer with an overview of how the work is progressing on the foundational level. Ideal for those who are interested in feedback on whether or not the fundamental elements of a work — such as plot, pacing, and characterization — are solidly in place. Perfect for first-time novelists, whether you’re on your first draft or your fifth. Partial manuscript reviews will be considered, but manuscripts submitted for macro editing must be at least 20,000 words.

The Micro Edit — $.07-$.09/word*

The micro edit is for authors who are fairly confident that the foundational elements of their work are in place, and are ready for the sort of fine-tuned line editing required to take a manuscript from promising to polished. Certainly not for the faint of heart, the micro edit can also be the most rewarding, allowing the author to understand how subtle shifts in language and structure can often mean the difference between a strong work and one that truly sings. Partial manuscript reviews will be considered, but manuscripts submitted for micro editing must be at least 10,000 words.

Writers’ Group Intensive — $65-$85/person**

This is essentially a private lecture and Q&A session for your writers’ group. Members can either choose a subject ahead of time, or ask Elizabeth to suggest one. Topics might focus on a particular element of writing fiction (writing convincing dialogue or developing complex characters, for example), or might center around the operational aspects of writing a book, such as how to organize a longer work-in-progress or how to establish a realistic and sustainable writing practice. Maximum of 15 participants; minimum of 5.

*The range in pricing reflects the depth of editorial work required. Before work begins on a particular manuscript, Elizabeth will determine her rate and describe what it includes.

**$85/person for groups of 5-7; $75/person for groups of 8-10; $65/person for groups of 11-15